Make the Most of Prom

Are you looking for a limo for prom?  It’s that time of the year where Seniors are nearing the end of high school with prom and graduation approaching.  This is the time to make the most of the end of your high school memories and there is no better way to do it than to enjoy prom with your friends in a limousine.

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You can pick from traditional to SUV stretch.  What’s popular nowadays are also party buses.  So if you can gather a large group of committed friends to go in on the party bus, that would be the ultimate fun way to celebrate prom.  The buses are decked out like fancy limousines with the leather seats around the sides, a refreshment bar for beverages, flat screen TV, DVD and CD player, full sound system, music hook up, dance pole, fiber optic lighting, hardwood floors and more!  It’s one heck of a ride, however can cost a bit more than a limousine.

If cost is an issue, then look into a classic stretch limo or an SUV limo.  Both come equipped with fun amenities as well, such as leather seats, wet bar, TV, DVD, sound system, music, fiber optic lighting, and all.

Some like to book for both pre-prom pics and post-prom festivities and others do just one or the other.  Many companies set 4-6 hour limits on the weekends, especially around prom season, therefore it will be best to determine what your budget is and how to best utilize the limo time with that budget.  If using it for the entire during of the prom is too costly, you may just want to rent it for pick up, prom pictures, dinner and drop off at prom.

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Others like to do pick up after prom and go to eat and hang out afterwards and then drop off at home.  So it all depends on what you and your friends want to do.  Be sure to call the limo and party bus companies early on.  I would recommend 2 months in advance as many are booked up even a month prior.

Be sure to do your research and ask all the pertinent questions.  Ask for a quote on the number of hours you are seeking.  Find out if driver’s tip, taxes and fuel are included.  Ask about the booking and cancellation policy.  Make sure your friends are committed to going in on the limo.  I would recommend collecting the money upfront from your friends before booking.  With the right preparation, everybody can have a fun and stress free prom.


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