The Low-Down on Limo Fleet

Not all limo companies are created equal.  Some companies are small and run with just a single limo while others have a whole fleet of limos, cars and buses.  This article may help you decide on which type of vehicle to rent for your upcoming occasion or transportation need.  Limos are not rented only for special occasions.  Often times it’s needed for basic transport and chartering for large groups of people.

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4-Door Sedans

Commonly known as the Lincoln Town Car or you may also see some companies carry luxury sedans like Mercedes, BMW and the Chrysler 300.  Often times, the sedans are spacious to accommodate comfortable seating and room for luggage during airport transfers, which is what they are used for the majority of the time.  Other times they are rented for charters for 1-4 passengers.


Pretty much used for the same purpose as a sedan except can accommodate more people and luggages.  You will often see 7-passenger types like the Escalade, Yukon, Suburban.

Traditional Stretch Limo

Most people are familiar with the classic Lincoln Town Car stretch limo which usually comes in different sizes– 6, 8, and 10-passenger.  You will also see other types of stretch limos like the Chrysler 300 stretch which has gotten popular and has a more sleek and modern look than the old-fashioned Lincoln.  These vehicles are equipped with basic limo amenities like TV, DVD and CD players, fiberoptic lighting, full bar with complementary drinks, sound system, music hook up with iPod, leather seating.  They’re perfect for any occasion such as weddings, prom, birthdays, wine tours, anniversaries, and more.

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SUV Stretch Limo

Like the name says these are SUVs that are stretch out to accommodate 12-22 passengers.  With more room and height compared to a traditional stretch, these vehicles typically include the Escalade stretch limo, Hummer stretch, Expedition stretch, Excursion stretch, Navigator stretch, and so forth.  Like the traditional stretch limo, the SUV stretches also come with fun amenities like TV, DVD and CD player, full bar and complementary drinks, leather seats, sound system with music hook up, fiber optic lighting.  They are fabulous for any occasions.

Party Bus

The party bus has gained popularity over the years and is requested quite frequently over the limousine. Many people like to have room to move and stand and this is the perfect vehicle for it.  Party buses nowadays are not used just for parties anymore.  You will see them rented for wine tours, concerts, sporting events, prom, quinceaneras, weddings, family reunions, and more.  They come with all the same great features as the limousines. Gary from Fremont Tree Service Pros rented one for a company event and says it is all the rave.

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